Wall cladding: Superior acoustics and distinctive design

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

The wall design of a room has a major impact on the overall look. At the same time, wall claddings can effectively help ensure good acoustics.

Troldtekt acoustic panels are the natural choice for one or more walls if you want to combine unique design with enhanced acoustics.

Troldtekt offers a range of solutions that are perfect as wall cladding, and which are available in a variety of colours and structures.

The award-winning range of Troldtekt design solutions offers a choice of both discreet and more distinctive designs that can be used as wall cladding to dampen the acoustics and elevate the architectural look.

Improving acoustics

Buildings are often built with many hard surfaces such as plaster, tiles, concrete and glass. The result is usually poor acoustics and reverberation, which can cause a sense of discomfort.

Hard, smooth surfaces produce long reverberation times, while materials with an open surface structure ensure short reverberation times and thus excellent acoustics.

  • With their open structure, the Troldtekt panels absorb sound.
  • Effective sound absorption results in short reverberation times – and good acoustics.
  • A short reverberation time makes it easier to hear what people are saying and minimises noise problems.
  • You achieve an improved indoor climate

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Beautiful design for large wall surfaces

Troldtekt offers attractive, flexible designs for wall cladding solutions in homes, offices, restaurants and day-care institutions.

You can design your own patterns and rhythms and vary or scale as you wish. This gives you great freedom to unify form and function in all types of buildings.

Popular Troldtekt wall cladding solutions include:

  • Troldtekt curves
  • Troldtekt rhomb
  • Troldtekt rhomb mini
  • Troldtekt tilt line

6 good reasons for choosing Troldtekt® wall cladding

See inspiring design with wall cladding from Troldtekt

Wuppertal Distict Court

Following extensive modernisation of one of the oldest courthouses in Germany, high-quality acoustic elements have been installed that are equally a design feature. Troldtekt tilt line in natural wood has been chosen for the walls.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in offices

Horisont Arkitekter, Malmö, Sweden

The former industrial building Trikåfabriken in Malmö has become a popular office environment for the city’s creative businesses. Horisont Arkitekter has moved in, and Troldtekt is part of the architects’ own office design as an elegant wall with Troldtekt tiles in white.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in commercial properties

Stuveriet, Gothenburg, Sweden

In Stuveriet – a new office building, which is part of the Masthuggskajen water-front development in Gothenburg – businesses can rent office space with sea views. Troldtekt line in a custom shade of red has been chosen for the walls in the public areas on the lower floors.

Aveny Theatre, Denmark

Acoustics are paramount for a positive theatre experience, and here both the ceiling and wall surfaces are clad in sound-absorbing materials. Black Troldtekt line has been used on the back wall of the stage and in the stairwell to the balcony as well as in the original foyer.

Haaning Collection, Denmark

At the new motor museum, upwards of 80 cars and motorcycles are exhibited in a new and exciting way, which caters to a wider audience than your typical car enthusiasts. For the back wall of the cinema, café and office, black Troldtekt line has been chosen.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in commercial properties

Ditur, Hasselager, Denmark

Ditur’s new domicile is designed to serve as both a workplace and a showroom. To incorporate good acoustics, white-painted Troldtekt tilt line has been chosen for several wall surfaces.

Restaurant Strandtangen, Denmark

At Restaurant Strandtangen in Skive, high-quality ingredients and a stylish interior create memorable dining experiences. Black Troldtekt line has been chosen for the walls, with its milled grooves creating an intimate atmosphere.

Alexanders Bistro, Denmark

The Carlsberg City District in Copenhagen is the location of a classic bistro, where the design offers plenty of ‘hygge’ – but which also clearly references the history of the site as a brewery. Grey Troldtekt line design has been chosen for the walls.

City of Aarhus, Grøndalsvej, Denmark

At the City of Aarhus’s municipal department for Children & Young People, the meeting rooms have been refurbished to make better use of the smaller rooms. Grey Troldtekt rhomb and grey Troldtekt line have been chosen for the walls.

Office building Dortheavej, Copenhagen

In northwest Copenhagen, the industrial history of a newly refurbished office building has been preserved, but with new additions. Among the new features is a wall clad in Troldtekt rhomb mini in a custom shade of yellow for the canteen.