Did you know that noise and music have a bearing on our sense of taste? And that poor acoustics can cost a star in restaurant reviews? You can read more about this in this theme page.

Troldtekt Sticks n Sushi
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The articles also highlight a number of restaurants that have elegantly combined gastronomy with good acoustics and distinctive design. And you can read about the architects’ thoughts on the interiors.

Several of the restaurants feature acoustic solutions from Troldtekt’s design series, which have won several international awards. Among other things at the German ‘Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars 2021’ awards, which put the spotlight on evocative surroundings for meals.

Gastronomy and superior acoustics in Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers top-class food and wine. Troldtekt gives you a guide to Copenhagen restaurants and cafés, where good acoustics are part of the experience.

Gastronomy with good acoustics in Aarhus

Aarhus offers top-notch food and wine. Troldtekt gives you a guide to Aarhus restaurants and cafés, where good acoustics are part of the experience.

Sound affects our sense of taste

Sounds and noise affect our sense of taste. A good reason for restaurants and eateries to consider their room acoustics more carefully. Read more!

Poor acoustics affect restaurant reviews

Noise can affect restaurant reviews. A good reason for restaurants and chefs to pay more attention to good acoustics. Read more!

Wood wool ceiling at Danish boat café

The wood wool ceiling is highly valued at the Danish boat café Black Louis. The ceiling contributes to the café's good acoustics and atmosphere. Read more!

Wood wool ceiling in the Danish castle Christiansborg

Wood wool ceiling provides excellent acoustics in the public restaurant of the Danish castle Christiansborg. See photos and read more here!

Acoustics are vital in the ‘coffice’ age

What do you get when you mix an office workspace with a café? The answer is a ‘coffice’. The unique office environment Eminent in Malmö has such a coffice.

A sustainable restaurant for a sustainable company

The headquarters of the Alnatura organic supermarket chain are located in Darmstadt. The office building – like its restaurant - is anything but ordinary.

Naturalness in beer glasses and the design | Troldtekt

At the Åben beer bar in the heart of Aarhus considerable care and attention have been devoted to the acoustics. Read more about the beer bar and see photos!

Time stands still in unique sushi restaurant

Architect Anni Baun Danielsen is behind the exclusive restaurant Sushi Anaba in Copenhagen. The interior design is distinguished by its simple, raw look.

The delicate connection between sound and taste

Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University: The connection between sound and taste. Read more and test your own musical taste.

Award-winning design for intimacy and elegance

Troldtekt design solutions combine superior acoustics & distinctive aesthetics. The series was awarded at the ‘Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars’ awards 2021.
Troldtekt - Noma Australia

Accompanying Noma to Australia

Culinary excellence, Danish designer furniture and black-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels were the key ingredients that Noma used for its pop-up restaurant near Sydney. >> Read more about Noma, Australia

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