Swimming pools and outdoor baths

Swimming and water exercise are popular activities among all ages and at all skill levels.

We use swimming centres, outdoor baths and harbour pools to exercise, relax and enjoy ourselves with our families. Many facilities are being renovated, or new ones built, with architecture to match the varying purposes and user scenarios.

On this theme page, you can read about architectural challenges and possible solutions when designing swimming pools. The articles also look at the trends which experts expect to dominate swimming facilities in future.

You will also find a number of projects representing the true marriage of function and design. Among other things featuring Troldtekt acoustic solutions that effectively absorb sound and have a natural resistance to moisture while giving builders, architects and contractors flexible design options.

Troldtekt acoustic panels withstand moisture and are therefore very suitable as acoustic ceiling and wall cladding in, for example, swimming pools

Troldtekt withstands even the most humid rooms

New documentation shows that Troldtekt withstands moisture levels of up to 98 per cent – combined with high temperatures. This shows that the panels are suitable for the most demanding wet and warm environments in, for example, swimming pools.

16 trends in swimming centres of the future

The International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) has compiled a report on trends in the swimming centres of the future. See the 16 trends!

Swimming pools are of high social importance

Troldtekt-Interview with Dr. Kannewischer about the spa landscape in Germany + the demand for high-quality swimming pools, thermal and leisure baths. Read more!

New swimming centres must have wider appeal

Swimming centres must satisfy many expectations. The design of the Frederikssund Swimming Centre demonstrates that the difficult balancing act can be successful

A good pool creates the feeling of a summer swim

Good swimming centres have to function effectively and have a welcoming atmosphere,” says Ernst Ulrich Tillmanns, CEO of architects 4a Architekten. Read more!

New outdoor baths must withstand harsh weather

Troldtekt THEME about swimming centres of the future. Take a look at the award-winning Vestre Fjordpark and the unique Isfuglen clubhouse for winter bathers.

Troldtekt contributes to a good swimming experience

Troldtekt acoustic panels effectively absorb the sounds of splashing, shouting and playing, thus contributing to pleasant acoustics in swimming centres.

From outdated outdoor baths to award-winning fjord park

The outdoor baths on the shores of Limfjorden in Aalborg, Denmark, have been a recreational oasis since 1947. In 2017, the baths reopened after a major renovation, which has made the area attractive to many more users. Read more in Troldtekt online feature about good architecture for swimming here.