Site-specific interior design

The Carlsberg City District on the historic Carlsberg brewery site in Copenhagen is being transformed into a vibrant and diverse new neighbourhood, and the newly opened Alexanders Bistro located just behind the elephants is a both classic and relaxed venue.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

Alexander Beier’s idea with the bistro was to create a watering hole where those living nearby could come and relax over an ice cream and coffee or to enjoy a drink, a light salad or supper. It’s like a living room in several versions, spread across different levels and zones, including a large patio.

It was important that the interior design should relate to the unique surroundings in this historic part of Copenhagen, which is why the colour of the building’s red brick is reiterated in the lounge furniture, while the bottle green colour chosen for the walls matches that of the window frames, while also being reminiscent of Carlsberg beer bottles. The dark green colour adds intensity to the rooms, and emphasises the venue’s warm and relaxed atmosphere. The brass and golden colours of the lamp bubbles contrast beautifully with the saturated green.

Soft, white ceilings

The company Abita was responsible for the interior design. With a sure hand, they have struck just the right balance between seamless flow and a peaceful feel in the individual zones. The bistro is located at one end and opens onto the patio. Troldtekt acoustic ceilings have been installed throughout, spray-painted in a shade of white that is best described as a pale clay grey.

In the zone designated for table games, the interior designers chose a Troldtekt design solution for one of the walls to further enhance the acoustics. The same flooring has also been used throughout, including for the steps, to create a calm and coherent look. In the café, which serves coffee and Peter Beier ice cream and chocolate, the wall colour is a cool blue. Abita has also been responsible for the interior design of Peter Beier’s cafés, and is therefore familiar with the chocolate brand.