THEME: Architecture in the big cities

The biggest cities in Denmark are often singled out internationally as some of the most worthwhile tourist destinations worldwide. In 2023, Copenhagen has been named World Capital of Architecture by UNESCO – and consequently the Danish capital is receiving even more international attention.

The feature articles on this page take you on a virtual trip looking at architecture in Copenhagen and in Denmark’s second-largest city Aarhus.

Read about the distinctive architecture of the new urban districts in Copenhagen and Aarhus, and the views of various architects on the development. You will also find a guide to delicious and charming eateries with good acoustics. Finally, you can explore a selection of restaurants, private homes, cultural sites and office headquarters in metropolises where Troldtekt acoustic solutions have been installed.

Transformation of KB32

In preference to demolition and new construction, Copenhagen buildings will to a greater extent be converted to function in the present and for many years to come. One example is KB32 at Kalvebod Brygge, masterminded by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. Read the interview with the architect about their approach to building transformations.

Copenhagen: Guide to districts and restaurants

Restaurants and other eateries in the Danish capital now have more than good food on the menu. Several are choosing to enhance their interiors to give diners a special experience – in a pleasant acoustic environment. Join us for a combined culinary and design tour of Copenhagen’s districts.

City architect: Copenhagen heading towards circular quality

Copenhagen has been designated World Capital of Architecture for 2023 by UNESCO. It is only the second city in the world to hold the title. But what does the Danish capital actually look like – now and in future? Read the interview with Camilla van Deurs, Copenhagen City Architect. She points, among other things, to lasting quality as being key to the city’s architectural development.

Copenhagen to showcase sustainability in building

The eyes of the global architectural industry are on Copenhagen during its year as Capital of Architecture, which gives reason to gauge sustainability in the city’s buildings. Director of the Green Building Council takes stock.
Troldtekt - Vilhelm Lauritzen

Where past and future meet: New urban districts springing up in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a constantly evolving capital city characterised by a number of distinct and characterful urban districts and neighbourhoods. Here, we take a look at two new urban districts with roots in Denmark’s industrial past, and which are now being transformed and borne into the future. Come along to Carlsberg City District and Nordhavn.

Discover Copenhagen - number one among the world’s great cities

An extremely high culinary standard and a special ability to exploit the architectural contrasts between old and new have pushed Copenhagen right to the top of Lonely Planet’s list of cities to visit in 2019. Learn more about the Danish capital in the new online feature from Troldtekt here. More about the title and the city >

Revival of classic architecture in Copenhagen

Stand-out buildings in the urban landscape are a thing of the past. The architecture of the new buildings springing up in Copenhagen’s new urban districts along the harbourfront has to match the surroundings. Read the two interviews >

The architecture unfolds on Aarhus Ø

Troldtekt theme takes you on a tour to the Aarhus Docklands. Read interview with urban developer Rune Kilden about the development of a new urban district.

Architecture biennale with ambitions to grow

Troldtekt interview with Jørgen Bach, chairman of The Architecture Project. Read more about the ambitions for architecture biennale Rising Architecture Week here.

Troldtekt card house at the Rising Architecture Week

Rising Architecture Week presents architectural events in Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture. In the creative environment at the former railway freight yard Godsbanen, the German architects’ collective Raumlabor sets the scene with an impressive Troldtekt installation.

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