Good acoustics without harmful chemicals

Most Northern Europeans spend almost all their time indoors. That’s why it is crucial that buildings have a healthy indoor climate.

We live our lives in buildings where we relax, study, go to work, play sports or eat out. A typical Northern European spends 80–90 percent of the time indoors, so it is crucial to focus on the health of the built environment.

Poor air quality and acoustics, for example, can affect productivity in the workplace – and learning in schools. In addition, an unhealthy indoor climate can lead to illness, allergies and generally poor well-being.

Troldtekt ensures good acoustics, which are an important part of a healthy indoor climate. At the same time, Troldtekt is documented as being free of harmful substances that can contaminate the indoor climate. In addition, the acoustic panels can both absorb and emit moisture, which can make the indoor climate feel more comfortable.