How Troldtekt contributes to healing architecture

Superior acoustics, healthy indoor climate and recognisable design. These are some of the focus areas in the architecture of psychiatry, healthcare and nursing facilities where Troldtekt acoustic solutions are making a difference.

Troldtekt also contributes points to the sustainable building certification of projects.

A calm atmosphere, where ceilings and walls absorb sound instead of bouncing it around. A healthy indoor climate. And a design that is both warm and recognisable for patients or residents.

That is what the architecture of healthcare, psychiatric and nursing facilities has to deliver. Troldtekt acoustic solutions can play an important role in delivering just that – and they do so in a large number of newly constructed facilities where the principles of healing architecture come into play.

Here, you can read more about Troldtekt’s contributions to superior acoustics, a healthy indoor climate and flexible design.

Effective sound absorption

With their high sound absorption coefficient, Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ‘swallow’ sound and ensure a calm environment in communal areas as well as in patient or resident rooms. A Troldtekt ceiling absorbs up to 80-90 per cent of the sound, while a concrete ceiling typically absorbs only 1-2 per cent.

Troldtekt thus effectively reduces reverberation time. If the ceiling panels are supplemented by acoustic panels on parts of the walls, the reverberation time can be reduced even further.

The psychiatric hospitals in the Danish cities of Slagelse (GAPS) and Vejle are two examples of large-scale projects where Troldtekt helps to create an atmosphere with good acoustics for patients.

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Contributes to a healthy indoor climate

Noise, poor air quality and very dry or humid indoor air can cause a great deal of discomfort for both patients and staff.

Many factors play a role in the indoor climate, and Troldtekt acoustic solutions can positively impact a number of them.

Primarily, Troldtekt ensures a calm atmosphere and good acoustics, but in fact the acoustic panels can also absorb and release moisture to help regulate the humidity of a room.

More importantly, in connection with Troldtekt’s Cradle to Cradle certification, it is documented that the acoustic panels contain no ingredients that are harmful to humans or the environment. Troldtekt has also achieved a number of indoor climate certifications, including the Danish Indoor Climate Label and Allergy UK’s ‘Allergy Friendly Product Award’.

Adds warmth and recognisable design

In institutional environments, Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool can help soften up the architecture. On the one hand, the structure of the acoustic panels contrasts with the smoother surfaces, and on the other hand, it is possible to have the panels made with milled grooves, patterns, or painted in warm custom colours.

The flexible design can also support the healing principles in the architecture. Solgaven in Valby near Copenhagen is a residential care facility for blind and visually impaired residents. The facility is therefore designed so that it is easy to find your way around, and each floor is assigned its own colour scheme. The ground floor of the facility is sand-coloured, and the next two floors have green walls, doors and floors. Above, there are two yellow floors and two blue floors.

Double-height orangeries bathed in natural light connect the floors. One wall of the orangeries is clad in wooden strips to create a vertical garden, and the opposite wall features a Troldtekt rhomb design solution in varied hues to match the floor/wall colour scheme of the respective floors.

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Contributes to points for building certifications

A number of clients – both public and private – are electing to build in accordance with one of the leading building certifications. This helps raise the bar for proven sustainability and has a positive impact on the indoor climate as well as the environmental footprint and operating costs of projects.

Ramboll, the consulting engineering group, has documented that Troldtekt acoustic solutions can contribute points towards leading certifications such as Sweden Green Building Council, BREEAM-SE, LEED, WELL and DGNB. Documentation packs for auditors describing the specific contributions made by the acoustic panels can be requested by contacting Troldtekt.

The GAPS psychiatric hospital in Slagelse and new supportive housing residences in the Danish city of Aars are examples of healing architecture featuring Troldtekt products that are either DGNB-certified or prequalified for certification.