'Wesavi' Family and Sports Pool & Spa, Nienburg

For almost three years, Nienburg's water aficionados eagerly anticipated the re-opening of the 'Wesavi' family and sports pool & spa on the banks of the Weser River.

Troldtekt - Wesavi Pool and Spa Nienburg
Photo: Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Wiechers

At the end of 2014, the long wait was over, and since the indoor and outdoor pool, which is open all-year round, as well as the separate zones for sports, courses, SPA and sauna, are back in operation, the expansive pool and spa landscape is once again a hive of activity.

Access to the single-storey building complex is through the central entrance located at the front of the building, by the car park. Through the foyer, visitors reach the paypoint zone and from there, the changing room areas. Visitors have a choice of a conventional pool for swimmers (25 x 15 m), a non-swimmer pool and a splash pool, a pool for courses and health activities, as well as a summer pool.

In addition, the new Wesavi offers an expansive sauna and health zone with three saunas and a steam bath, two outdoor saunas and generously sized relaxation areas. The restaurant area, which is divided into a dry and a wet zone, offers seating for 60 people and a wide range of foods. The entire facility is designed to be accessible for handicapped people.

Materials such as glass and concrete, smooth surfaces and functional fittings form the muted backdrop for the blue colour of the water reflected against the white ceiling in the area of the non-swimmer pool. In the main swimming pool, the blue colour of the Troldtekt ceiling blends in with the blue of the pool tiling. Along the edges of the ceiling, the planners ingeniously succeeded in recapturing the organic shape of the glass facades.

In addition to visual effects, the Troldtekt ceilings offer acoustic benefits for the pool users and reduce resonance even in large rooms such as indoor swimming pools.