Sports hall located in historic surroundings

The school Europaskolen - centrally located in Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen - houses a large sports hall for the school’s physical education which is also integrated in the area’s public space.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are the natural choice when wanting to ensure superior acoustics in, for example, sports halls
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Europaskolen is located on a small plot in Carlsberg Byen, surrounded by historical monuments such as the Elephant Gate and the Winding Chimney. It is Copenhagen’s only international public school. The special location required the use of specific materials, and the school’s architectural expression is a fine interpretation of the old factory buildings.

The sports hall is connected to the five-storey block-like school building at one end, but projects into the surrounding space almost like an independent building. The architect company Vilhem Lauritzen says the following about the placement of the school and the sports hall:

“The many passages and smooth transitions between the school and the surrounding public space contribute to a vibrant urban space at a human scale. The entire neighbourhood also benefits from being able to use and enjoy the areas in and around the school.”

Architectural multi-purpose room

The sports hall is part of the local urban space and is also available to the area’s clubs and associations after school hours. Large glass panels provide a direct connection with the surrounding space. The hall can be divided into three sections using mobile walls that are unrolled from the ceiling. Attached to the ceiling is also a large screen and loudspeakers for watching films, for example.

The entire ceiling is clad in white-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels. Troldtekt acoustic panels have been tested to withstand ball impact and are produced in a solid and durable material suitable for use in sports halls. The Troldtekt acoustic panels also ensure good acoustics with their unique sound-absorbing qualities, which is important in a noise-filled space like the hall.

A host of elements take up space in the sports hall, such as the equipment attached to the ceiling, the wall bars, the various goals and so on. Architecturally, the homogeneous white Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceiling add tranquility to the large space together with the white walls and the grey flooring.