For the eyes as well as the ears

The foyer at JYSK Arena in Silkeborg has been enhanced in a way that can be both seen and heard. This creates a good experience for visitors when they flock to the arena for handball matches or one of the many other events held there.

Troldtekt acoustic panels as wall cladding in cultural buildings
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The need for better and modern lighting was the catalyst for a major renovation of the elongated foyer, which is distributed across two floors. In the middle of the space is the main staircase, which leads up to the café and also provides access to the hall’s balcony.

Both floors now have new ceiling lighting and have also been given new ceilings by Troldtekt. The ceiling is painted white in ultrafine structure. Across the elongated spaces, metal rails have been used to give the ceilings a more distinctive look while also creating an appealing unity.

Acoustics for the eyes

A glance up the foyer staircase reveals that the ceilings are the same on the upper floor, which creates an elegant cohesion.

For the decoration of the wall that runs alongside the café’s tables are used Troldtekt curves, where the panels feature curved grooves in multiple widths. The curved grooves are milled into the panels in a bold pattern, while the lines create an elegant image of soft waves. The joined panels provide a lengthwise repetitive pattern so that one does not notice the individual panel, thus making the surface appear seamless.

Here in JYSK Arena’s café, Troldtekt curves provide both improved acoustics and decoration for the room’s very long wall surfaces.