Hørning Hallen – organic renewal

The Hørning Hallen sports venue has been enriched with an organically shaped addition, which draws its inspiration from the curved and linear patterns of movement observed in sport.

Like the sports halls in Harboøre and Jyderup, Hørning Hallen is another pilot project made possible with support from the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities. Now completed, the building is based on the winning entry designed by BBP Arkitekter A/S for the competition in 2005.

The client is the Municipality of Skanderborg, and BBP Arkitekter A/S is the main consultant. Sloth Møller – Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S oversaw the construction, and Esbensen – Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S took care of installations. Arkitektfirmaet Søren Krarup Frandsen MAA was responsible for construction management, while the actual building work was carried out by Brdr. Thybo & Co. 


Open and connected

The rooms in the new facility are characterised by transparency and openness between the different areas of activity. This creates a synergy effect, and an inspirational and stimulating effect all round. This interweaving of many functions creates a dynamic gathering place buzzing with life and activity.

Commenting on the concept, Eva Jarl Hansen – architect MAA, partner at BPP Arkitekter A/S – says: “The architectural idiom is inspired by the curved and linear movement patterns of sport and body culture. The rounded corners create a smooth flow and playful, dynamic styling without sharp corners, giving the building a friendly appearance. Transparency, semi-transparency and translucency are keywords for creating the desired openness and coherence throughout the building.

“The task was to create an exciting expansion of Hørning Hallen. The architectural ambition was a facility that appeals broadly to users of all ages – and to active participants as well as spectators. There is room for organised sports, cultural events and more spontaneous activities – perhaps just a cup of coffee on the balcony, which boasts views of most of the extension.”


Troldtekt creates calm

Naturally, the distinctly open-plan layout has a major impact on the acoustic environment, so apart from the kitchen and secondary rooms, all ceiling surfaces are clad with Troldtekt. This ensures not only a comfortable level of sound but also a sense of visual calm as one moves around the sensitively integrated spaces. The textural character of the cement-bonded wood wool goes well with the rounded corners and large smooth wall surfaces that characterise the extension. “Troldtekt is a budget-friendly material offering attractive styling that visually brings together the large ceiling surfaces at different levels,” Eva continues.

The curved shapes of the exterior are very distinctive and testify to the empathetic sensitivity of the architect. The building winds elegantly towards the greenery of the playing fields, creating attractive outdoor spaces between the building carcases. One particularly beautiful detail is the cladding of the facades with vertical strips of unplaned wood, which helps to emphasise the curves, while creating a beautiful play of shadow and light on the walls.