From a worn-out primary school to a modern special school

Stensagerskolen focuses on safety for pupils with physical and psychological challenges.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in schools and educational institutions

Here is a school project with a special history. A few years ago, Tovshøjskolen in Gellerup was one of the most socially marginalised schools in Denmark. The school, built in 1973, was run down and the working environment had deteriorated to the point that radical changes were needed. Therefore, in 2019 the city council decided to close the school’s buildings and transfer the pupils to Ellekjærskolen.

The building complex has now undergone a thorough renovation and has been transformed into a modern special school for the disabled. The name is also new, as the school is now called Stensagerskolen and has space for 250 pupils compared to 500 pupils, previously.

Stenagerskolen in Aarhus West is a special school for children with extensive and permanent mental and physical disabilities. Among other things, this means that none of the school’s pupils are able to take exams or national tests. Therefore, it also places particularly high demands on the architectural design of spaces and the layout of rooms.

The innovative special needs project brings together school, day care, dental and after-school programmes to create the best services for children with special needs. The A.P. Møllerske Støttefond has provided support for implementing the 'out of the box’ interior design concept, which has been developed in close cooperation between RUM architects and Stensagerskolen.


Thoughtful interior design

The first impression is a wonderfully bright and cosy environment where you feel welcome. It is not spectacular and flashy, as is often seen in many new educational buildings. Rather, it is an unobtrusive but premium upgrade of buildings from the 1970s that have now been given a new lease of life.

RUM A/S was the turnkey consultant:

"Our focus has been on creating good flows and physical environments that support pedagogical work with the pupils and their different needs.

Instead of adding extra square metres and building many small rooms, we create flexible 'rooms-within-a-room' by designing the classroom with flexible components and add-ons that can be set up and adapted depending on the composition of the student group and the needs of each child. This way, pupils can participate in the classroom on the edge of the community and engage in social interaction at the same time."

Stensagerskolen has been given a fresh start and the space has been transformed. A good indoor climate and acoustics are an important part of a safe atmosphere. Troldtekt contributes with its bright, acoustic panel damping of both ceilings and wall surfaces.

In addition, there are movable acoustic control screens, wardrobe systems with screens and storage boxes that support structuring and reduce visual noise


Facts about Stenagerskolen

Stensagerskolen is a special school for pupils with learning disabilities, developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorders and multiple disabilities. The school has space for 250 pupils from years 0–10 and 26 children in day care.