Promoting intercultural interaction

With a 23 per cent share of foreigners and an above-average number of unemployed and benefits recipients, the Hamburg district of Mümmelmannsberg is perhaps not the showpiece of the metropolis on the banks of the Elbe river. The Rahewinkel primary school makes a valuable contribution to good intercommunity relations and successful integration in the neighbourhood.

Troldtekt Grundschule Rahewinkel Hamburg
Photo: Olaf Wiechers, Architect

In a newly constructed building completed in April 2018 by the pbr planning firm, a total of 500 schoolchildren from 27 countries are taught, encouraged in their drive for activity and creativity, and introduced to intercultural thinking and interaction in a space of around 4,000 m2.

Three-dimensional wooden slats mounted on a wooden façade construction make this cruciform-shaped building a real eye-catcher, while also contributing to sustainability. The wooden slats, which are also echoed on the inside in the central atrium, are designed to playfully stimulate the pupils’ senses.

There are four building wings in all, which extend fan-like in all compass directions around the two-storied forum with a glass roof. Each of the four light-filled wings is assigned to a year group and provides better orientation for the children through individual colour schemes.

Spacious classrooms equipped with modern boards, notice boards and interactive whiteboards alternate with relaxation areas offering comfortable, cosy corners for children to enjoy during the all-important break times. Compartmented by large glass panes on both sides, these ‘intermediate spaces’ are virtually integrated in the adjacent classrooms, and the teachers can always keep an eye on the children. Bright walls and floors lend a friendly atmosphere to all rooms.

The feel-good atmosphere is further enhanced by white Troldtekt ceiling panels. They not only ensure effective sound absorption and effective fire protection, but their unique structure is also an important design feature. Since they are partly made of the natural material wood, the Troldtekt ceiling panels are also the first choice for sustainability.