School makes music and acoustics a priority

Troldtekt - Grejsdalens School
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

At this Danish residential school for teenagers in Grejsdalen, music plays a big part. When the opportunity arose to convert a former gym into a music room, considerable effort was made to ensure that the space functioned well, especially the acoustics.

Because it was previously a sports hall, the music room has high ceilings and a large volume with lots of light and a lovely atmosphere. The original wood floor has been preserved while the ceilings are now clad in white Troldtekt acoustic panels fitted between the transverse concrete beams. The end wall behind the stage is clad with wood strips chosen for their acoustic enhancing effect. The wall at the opposite end is also clad with wood at the bottom but with a more decorative and matching acoustics solution above, using Troldtekt rhomb in a natural colour. This interesting pattern gives the wall a dynamic and almost three-dimensional look.

The newly renovated hall is used for music teaching, both individually and in groups. In addition, it is used each day for an hour long assembly of all 80 pupils at the school. Because the room serves many purposes, good acoustics were vital.

As acoustician Jacob Worm says, “Acoustically, the need to use the relatively large room for several purposes presented the greatest challenges. Using a mix of wood on the walls, Troldtekt panels and carefully dimensioned dampeners, we have successfully created a solution where the acoustics are both controlled and comfortable for music practice while at the same time being light and suitable for daily teaching and assemblies.”