A house, one room

Troldtekt, Villa i Skaering
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

With views across the Bay of Aarhus and within easy walking distance of the beach, this house in Skæring, a suburb to the north of Aarhus, enjoys a fabulous location. After many years of living in the city centre, the family wanted a change and initially considered a holiday home on the same plot. However, their new black wood house, designed by Mette Wienberg of Wienberg Architects in Aarhus, does not resemble a holiday home but does share some of the same traits, such as its open interiors and proximity to the water. It is a dynamic property with a strong identity, a mix of angles and façades, all embraced by a monopitch roof.

Rooms connected by a large oak feature

Inside, you step into the large kitchen-living room, from where you have a clear view of the different floors and rooms. A large oak feature houses cupboards while directing you to both the upstairs sitting room and to the study below. At the same time, the large sloping ceiling directs your gaze towards the view and the top floor. A particularly distinctive feature is the ceiling with strips mounted on Troldtekt panels. This provides superior acoustics in the open room while beautifully matching the house and all its attractive surfaces.

The ceiling rises - the sound stays where it is

Niels Albertsen, talking about his family’s new home and how fantastic it was to be involved in the design process, says "The house allows privacy and a togetherness with the rest of the family. The acoustics are outstanding, despite the very high ceilings. One particularly fine detail is the area where you descend the stairs beside a wood wall to the lower level, while the ceiling simultaneously rises towards the upper floor and daylight floods in from several directions.