Homogenous surfaces create coherence

Troldtekt, Villa Ravn
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA
Per Ravn, an architect at CUBO Arkitekter, conceived the design of his new family home near Aarhus in Denmark around a courtyard.

The building dramatically stands out as a simple and discreet structure of brick and wood. A fine courtyard has been created between the carport on one side and the main house on the other, linked with a low brick wall and black gates opening onto the surrounding lawn.

Per Ravn says that his inspiration for the enclosed garden derives from trips to China but also from Danish modernism. The layout is simple, with the living rooms and the kitchen overlooking and opening up to the courtyard while bedrooms and bathrooms are located along the opposite façade.

Consistent use of materials

The house is dominated by yellow and black defined by yellow brick walls which contrast with black wood cladding and black windows which face the courtyard.

Inside white Troldtekt ceilings are used throughout the entire building, providing visual coherence and pleasant acoustics. In addition, the external overhang, which continues the internal ceiling, is also clad underneath with Troldtekt.

Architect Per Ravn says that the choice of materials with a textural feel ties in with his desire to merge the interior and exterior environments. The result is an extremely harmonious and beautiful building, a strong but otherwise very simple architectural design.