A striking home in an unusual location

Emelie and Mikael’s home sits on top of a five-metre-high section of exposed rock near Gothenburg. The house combines exciting building techniques with a wide range of natural raw materials, and required a high degree of detailing to achieve a harmonious look. The materials include Troldtekt acoustic ceilings made of wood and cement.

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in private homes
Photo: Bara Bild

The plot in Vestra Frölunda near Gothenburg was actually a small rocky mountain, but instead of blasting away the stone, Emilie and Mikael decided to build their dream home on top of the rock – five metres above the neighbouring properties.

“It means that we have fantastic views from the large kitchen/living room on the ground floor, and that we have been able to invite the natural outdoor environment into our home through the large window sections without having to worry about our privacy. We loved the idea of being able to live discreetly and secluded from our neighbours up here,” says Emilie Tolinsson.

The house is arranged with a communal area for visitors on the ground floor and a first floor which is reserved for family use. It’s not that the couple hold lots of parties, but they enjoy socialising, and often have friends and family dropping by.

“Emelie and Mikael had sketched out a floor plan, and the final result is very close to their initial design. They wanted an open-plan living room with space for various activities, and with a load-bearing structure which wasn’t visible, so we had to establish several concrete walls to stabilise the building. In this way, the concrete became part of the materiality,” explains Sofie Campanello, architect SAR/MSA and partner at Fabel arkitektur AB.

Natural materials
Several of the concrete walls have been left raw. However, to soften up the hardness of the concrete, the architect has used different types of wood throughout the property. Most prominent is the exciting and original use of cross-laminated wood in many parts of the building. 

“We had to find materials that created a homely feel, and wood was the obvious choice, as it provides a soft contrast to the very industrial-looking facade and the concrete interior.  I think the result is a perfect mix of clean, raw materials; it creates the impression of an honest home,” says Sofie Campanello.

“Working with untreated materials requires a high degree of detailing, especially at the point of transition between one material and another.  I’m very pleased with the result, because even though it doesn’t look like much, it has required a lot of skill,” she adds.

Beautiful details and bare wood
This personal and inspiring home boasts countless architectural details. There are large windows, which allow the daylight to flood in, there is storage space under the stairs, a sunken bath and a vaulted ceiling above the dining area. In fact, the ceiling height prompted a discussion about acoustics.

“The desire for Troldtekt ceilings came about due to the height of the ceiling above the dining table. Emilie was concerned about the sound environment on the upper floor, which was intended as a quiet area, so we decided that an acoustic ceiling was needed. Together, we agreed that Troldtekt would blend in well with both the concrete and wooden surfaces. It’s a simple and straightforward material with superior acoustic properties, and therefore supplements the other materials well,” says Sofie Campanello.

Nice being at home
Troldtekt acoustic panels in the colour natural wood have been used on the vaulted ceiling, and in the rooms on the upper floor. The bathroom on the ground floor has bare concrete walls and a concrete floor with a sunken, cast bathtub. Here, black Troldtekt acoustic panels absorb the sound between the hard surfaces, while at the same time creating an intimate atmosphere. 

“The acoustics in our home are absolutely fantastic. Thanks to the Troldtekt ceilings, the rooms feel very harmonious, and I can’t imagine a more comfortable bedroom than ours. And when our young daughter is allowed to decide what we’re going to do, she says she wants to just be here. She can run around and make as much noise as she wants, which is perfectly OK in this house. It’s the dream home we always wanted,” says Emelie Tolinsson.