Tranum Strand holiday home

Troldtekt, Dancenter Tranum Strand
Photo: Dancenter Blokhus

“Acoustics and aesthetics are fundamental in ensuring that people can thrive in their homes. This is just as important if you are designing something to rent out,” says Steen Beyer, an architect and senior teacher at Construction College in Aalborg.

Steen has a lot of building experience and, among other things, is qualified to design passive houses.  For example, he has recently designed and built this rental property at Tranum Strand in northern Jutland in cooperation with the holiday property lettings agency Dancenter.

The house is located in quiet surroundings far from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Steen has endeavoured to ensure that it is also quiet inside by using black Troldtekt ceilings to create a very special acoustic environment which his family and holidaymakers renting the property can enjoy when staying.

Using simple materials, he has created a unique gem of a holiday home, where sustainability, daylight, colours and good acoustics all work together. The recurring black contrasts with the white walls and the many large windows extending from floor to ceiling, while floor tiles mirror the colour and format of the ceiling panels and vice versa.  All this results in the very calm look which Steen sought when he designed the house. 

“From a professional point of view I wanted to dispel the idea that black produces a dark and gloomy mood. I think we have succeeded here in demonstrating that there is no need to shy away from using dark colours when building new houses,” he says.

Because of his extensive network of contacts in the construction sector, Steen Beyer knows that Troldtekt has become very popular and is seen as an attractive building material. This is largely thanks to the fact that it is a product with a wide range of applications.

“Today we see Troldtekt acoustic panels being used in all sorts of buildings, from standard houses to large office buildings,” says Steen. “I think this is because Troldtekt is a very simple and honest product. By building with care and diligence today, we minimise our environmental impact and achieve considerable financial savings in the long run. If anything, it is a principle that I would like to pass on to students here at Construction College Aalborg.”