South Mors holiday home

One of Denmark’s many spectacular holiday homes is the one which Vagn Beck Sørensen and his wife built in Øster Assels at South Mors on the Danish coast. It was designed to be unique, to stand out and not look like other houses in the area.

Troldtekt, South Mors
Photo: Nybolig

With their architect, the owners carefully selected everything from finishes to facades and even created their own sandy beach. The house has been built to comply with the 2015 Danish building regulations and designed to be maintenance free.

The result is a very attractive and roomy single storey house with many windows designed to invite light and nature inside. A large terrace is partly roofed by a one-sided overhang and allows the family to sit outside and enjoy the peace and quiet in all kinds of weather.

With plasterboard walls, stone floors and large windows – together with a 3.5m high ceiling in the central common room - neither the architect nor the owners doubted that long reverberation time could become a problem if the acoustics were not thought through the project from the beginning. Troldtekt ceilings were therefore an important and natural choice for the allergy-friendly and stylish home.

“Troldtekt on all ceilings was a must, first and foremost due to the acoustics.” says Vagn, “ And it definitely works. Moreover, we wanted to create a homogeneous character throughout the house and, thereby, achieve a ‘wow’ effect. This has been achieved by using Troldtekt on all of the ceilings as well as on the terrace and carport ceiling which creates a nice visual effect.”

“If we find the perfect site, we want to build again. And we would use the same materials from floor to ceiling, simply because they work really well”, Vagn Beck Sørensen adds.