Light and airy after extensive refurbishment

A comprehensive refurbishment project has transformed a classic 1970s single-family house into a light-filled and modern home for a young family of four. A new extension with an open-plan kitchen, vaulted ceiling and Troldtekt acoustic panels is the new central space.

Troldtekt, private home Skanderborg
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Torben Svenning Hansen and his family threw themselves into the task of refurbishing their house in Skanderborg in central Jutland. Half of the rooms in the house from 1973 have new functions, while new rafters were installed to raise the ceiling height to three metres.

The former kitchen and entrance have been incorporated to create a new bedroom for one of their children as well as an extra toilet. As a result, their ten-year old daughter and eight-year-old son now each have their own bedrooms. 

Family room or not?
The new kitchen has been established in the former sitting room, which following the addition of a 22-square-metre extension has been transformed into a light-filled and spacious communal living space with a vaulted ceiling, creating plenty of space for cooking and socialising with family and friends. 

The decision to place the kitchen in the open-plan room required careful consideration.

“We were very aware of the potentially high noise levels in the new room. Previously, the kitchen was separate, so you could close the door and listen to the radio while cooking. Now, we prepare meals in an open space and do everything here, so the acoustics are very important,” says Torben Svenning Hansen.

Acoustic ceiling easy to install
Having worked as a carpenter and engineer, Torben Svenning Hansen did much of the refurbishment work himself, and he was very careful to select the right ceiling to ensure the best possible acoustics combined with the most stylish appearance.

“At the start of the project, I liked the idea of a plaster ceiling, but when I learned about Troldtekt’s new ceiling panels with extreme fine structure, I changed my mind. It was important that the ceiling didn’t look messy, and where plasterboard can easily feel ‘cold’, Troldtekt creates a warmer, cosier feel. In addition, Troldtekt improves the acoustics across the entire ceiling surface, whereas it is only the holes in the plasterboard that have a sound-dampening effect. Finally, there is the added bonus that Troldtekt is much easier to install because the joints don’t have to be filled,” says Torben Svenning Hansen.