Modern home surrounded by sand dunes

On a gently undulating wild-growing plot in North Jutland lies a newly built house. Situated close to the sea, the house unifies the untamedness of the northern Jutland landscape with black acoustic ceilings with long, milled grooves.

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in private homes
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Sea, lyme grass, sand dunes and horses out at the front. This is where Anita Brix and her husband Kristian and their three children live. The couple has built their dream home, designed by Baks Arkitekter, on an undulating wild-growing plot in North Jutland. With its quality materials and unique details, it blends elegantly into the harsh North Sea landscape.

“I’ve always dreamed of living in close contact with nature and near the sea. There’s a special tranquillity about it. That’s why we were quick to act when we found the plot. We pulled down the original house and built the home we’ve always dreamed of,” says Anita Brix.

The property is 250 square metres on a single floor, and has four hectares of land with a horse arena, stables and a workshop.

Unique details and quality materials
Brass handles, tall oak doors and a custom-made kitchen are just a few of the many unique features. The couple has thought through every solution carefully, and there have been no compromises on quality or functionality.

“The house has been built exactly as we wanted it to be. It took a long time, as all the solutions have been so carefully designed. For example, the doors are extra tall to match the very high ceilings, and oak has been used in several places,” says Anita Brix.

Attention to detail inside and out
The interior and the exterior are closely integrated. Black Troldtekt line acoustic ceilings adorn the interior. On first seeing this design solution, the couple knew it would perfect the overall look of their new home. The exterior strip cladding has therefore been custom-made to match the width of the milled grooves in the ceilings.

“We considered installing a wooden strip ceiling for a while, but when we saw Troldtekt line, we knew it was the right choice. The ceiling holds everything together. Aesthetically and acoustically. The vertical lines are pleasant to behold because the joints are concealed. The result is a large, uniform ceiling surface, while the black colour adds an air of exclusivity and elegance,” says Anita Brix.

At one with nature
The large windows in the kitchen-dining room offer a view of the sea and the dunes. It was therefore also important to Anita and Kristian Brix that the house should blend naturally into the landscape. The outer walls are yellow brick, sporadically broken up by pine strip cladding, and the window frames are olive green. Inside, the panels and doors are made of oak, and the Troldtekt ceilings are made of wood and cement, which are all-natural products.

“It’s just wonderful being able to experience and observe the changing seasons and the rich wildlife just outside the sitting room windows. Despite the ceiling height of almost five metres, the materials used and the large windows make the house part of the surrounding landscape,” says Anita Brix.

Ceiling with a calming effect
The high ceilings, concrete floors and panoramic windows are acoustically challenging. The house also features a long corridor with unobstructed views from one end of the house to the other.

“We used to live in a house with plaster ceilings. From the outset, we were therefore very keen to find a solution that would accommodate all the noises of daily living, people visiting and children playing. I dare not think about what the acoustics would have been like without sound-absorbing ceilings. The black colour is also naturally calming,” says Anita Brix.

The kitchen-dining room is the heart of the house, and where the family spends most time. The brick wall, with a built-in fireplace, partitions the space into a number of more intimate zones.