Newbuild inspired by foreign travels

With a couple of house projects under their belts, the Engde family embarked on yet another newbuild project which includes, among other things, a ceiling height of almost nine metres and an interior inspired by foreign travels.

Photo: BaraBild

In Höllviken south of Malmö, the Engde family has just built their new home. It’s the third house which the family has built – but also the best to date, according to Sanna Engde. She shares the house with her husband Jesper and their three children, of whom two are still living at home.

“Our needs have changed over the years as the family has grown, and the young have become teenagers,” says Sanna Engde.

From Dubai to Barcelona

The family chose the construction company BOSUMHUS to build their new house, which was designed by Peter Malmberg. The choice fell on BOSUMHUS because the company goes out of its way to use natural wood and create long-lasting structures, explains Sanna Engde, who emphasises that she and her husband had clear ideas about the design of the house themselves.

“Our combined experience together with input and impressions from our travels and staying in hotels have contributed significantly to the architectural design. For example, the idea for the folding window in the kitchen came from a bar in Barcelona, while the bathroom design is inspired by a hotel in Dubai.”

The family has chosen a darker colour scale and feel throughout the house, in contrast to their previous homes.

“Our previous house was basically very light, but we really feel at home with the current colour scheme. It has a very calming effect, and is slightly reminiscent of a hotel lobby,” says Sanna Engde.

Troldtekt dampens reverberations

In the Engde family’s new living room, the ceiling is almost nine metres high, and with a polished concrete floor, it was the perfect recipe for annoying acoustic reverberations.

“We felt it was necessary to regulate the acoustics, to make sure that it was comfortable to spend time in the room. We looked at different options, and settled on Troldtekt line, which is a perfect match for our decor. The lines in the surface amplify the ceiling height, and the black colour is just so cool. Had we known what a success it was going to be, we would have used Troldtekt in many more of the rooms,” says Sanna Engde.

As well as its attractive design, it makes a distinct acoustic difference as well, she says:

“The black ceiling produces a great visual effect, but the best is still the acoustics. We’ve had many friends visiting who are surprised at how, even in such a large room, it’s possible to create such superior acoustics and such a muted soundscape. Even when there are 10-12 of us sitting down for dinner, the ceiling absorbs all the sound, so it’s never too loud or irritating. The Troldtekt panels create a pleasant atmosphere with muted sounds and a sense of calm.”