Villa with variation and tranquil atmosphere

On a large plot in Aars in Jutland, The KFS Boligbyg has built a modern villa where the focus is on the architectural details. The house offers ample space for a family with young children, views overlooking a lake, plenty of daylight and superior acoustics.

Troldtekt, private home Aars
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

On a residential development site in west Himmerland with large and varied plots lies a villa which stands out from your classic standard house. The developer KFS Boligbyg has constructed the 173-square-metre single-storey house, which is perfect for a family with children.

The company’s own architects designed the house and its varied appearance from the outside. In contrast to the brick walls, the garage is built of dark wood, and slates in two different colours have been used on the roof, creating an attractive interplay with the facade.

Another feature of the villa is the variation in the windows. In several places, the windows extend from floor to ceiling with two adjoining vertical sections, above which there is a section of wall and then a narrow horizontal window at the top.

“The house is intentionally oriented towards the south and features large VELFAC windows. This ensures a good influx of light as well as views of the lake from as many rooms as possible,” says Kenneth Poulsen, sales and marketing manager at KFS Boligbyg.

Reliable choice for excellent acoustics
The mono-pitched roof and the covered patio are other distinctive details. The roof above the patio is clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural wood, which have also been chosen for the interior: the large kitchen/living room, the two children’s rooms, the office, the main bedroom, the larder and the two bathrooms. 

“We design each house from scratch, and in so doing prioritise a good sound environment; in this respect, Troldtekt panels are a winning product when it comes to creating the best possible acoustics. For example, a plasterboard ceiling with acoustic sections will never have the same effect, especially not in large high-ceilinged rooms. This is why we use Troldtekt in about 80 per cent of the houses we build,” says Kenneth Poulsen.

He adds that Troldtekt’s sustainability initiatives are also a key factor:

“Sustainability is important in many of the construction elements, so here too, Troldtekt is the obvious choice.”

Visually as well, the ceilings add contrast to the pure white surfaces. As do some of the walls, which have been painted dark blue to lend more contrast and style to the large house.