Acoustic ceilings - aesthetics the natural way

An impressive brick villa in burnt hues stands with views of Lemvig’s lake and the surrounding hills and treetops. A home which, with its Troldtekt acoustic ceilings, integrates the raw and honest look of nature with its aesthetic interior.

Troldtekt Lemvig Soelystvej
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

On the one hand, the traditional A-shaped house blends in perfectly with the architecture of the neighbouring properties. On the other hand, its sleek minimalism, large surfaces and panoramic windows distinguishes it from its peers.

In May 2017, Nete and Peter Mortensen and their four children moved into a holiday home – and then the demolition and construction work at the lakeside property began in earnest. Several locals were sorry to see the old farmhouse from 1900 being demolished, so Nete and Peter built their new house in the same honest, rustic Lemvig-style. Just in a modern version.

“We could have built a minimalist, light grey box-shaped house, but stylistically it would have been out of place. We therefore opted for an A-shaped, simple barn-style building in earthy colours, which blends in well with the hills and the rustic countryside outside the windows,” says Nete Mortensen.

Ceiling as interior design element
The Lemvig villa was designed by the Aarhus-based architects Baks Arkitekter, and built by the local carpenter and joiner Steen Stensgaard, a certified Troldtekt acoustics professional. The 250-square-metre villa is not double wythe, but based on an iron and wood construction. In addition to all the carpentry work, the local builder also played a role in the choice of Troldtekt ceilings.

“The idea of a Troldtekt ceiling didn’t survive long on the architects’ drawing board, as it was quickly dismissed by my husband. However, as I munched my way through a stack of interior design magazines, I realised how contemporary, raw and natural a look the ceilings could give our new home. I discussed my ideas with Steen Stensgaard, who is a Troldtekt enthusiast, and together we persuaded my husband Peter,” explains Nete Mortensen.

A delight for ears and eyes
Nete and Peter Mortensen’s villa in Lemvig has white Troldtekt acoustic panels in extremely fine structure in all the rooms, and they make a huge difference to the acoustics. It is particularly in the middle of the house – an open and high-ceilinged space – that the couple appreciate the effect of the panels.

“I fell for the aesthetics and rustic, natural look of the ceilings which go so well with the barn-style design of the house. My husband on the other hand is a practical man, and fell for the Troldtekt panels’ acoustic properties, long life and easy maintenance. We’re both delighted with the result,” says Nete Mortensen.