Shared facilities with charm

Workspace Campen is not like most office hotels, because through recycling and preservation, the site has been given a very special environment with its own identity.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in commercial properties

There's a significant contrast between this office hotel’s modern flexibility and facilities and its recycled building components with their authentic patina of wear. The building was originally Campen Maskinfabrik, which has been converted and modernised in several stages. The 4,500 sqm workspace is centrally located in Aarhus West and has excellent parking facilities. The ground floor houses reception, café and canteen linked to meeting rooms. There are also leaseholds such as an office hotel and spaces for medium-sized companies. There are smaller leaseholds on the upper floor.

The idea of a place that start-ups, sole proprietors and small businesses can rent and perhaps grow without changing address has become a widespread concept. Construction company Mogens De Linde has previously furnished Workspace Haslegården not far from Campen.


Sustainable building culture

This former industrial building is fully utilised with multiple office spaces, but is also light and airy with an inviting atmosphere. In order to save resources, as much of the original building as possible was preserved, which is why the original Troldtekt panels are used in the ceilings. A coarser type, rarely seen in new builds. But their acoustic properties have of course been preserved. Workspace Campen has also preserved the history of other buildings by recycling old doors and windows from Holmen in Copenhagen.

Byggeselskab Mogens de Linde properties has recycled as many building materials as possible. This adds a lot of charm to the offices and corridors with the old windows, which have a fine patina. To add warmth, texture and variety to the rooms, a lot of brick, wood and copper in different shapes have also been used. The preserved or recycled elements are intended to enhance an otherwise empty building and to make it a place that tells a story about the excellent resources we often overlook.