The black backdrop

Slikhaar Studio in Aarhus is situated in a new building in the heart of the city’s creative district. Its large glass windows are the hairdressing salon’s face to the outside world. At the same time, Slikhaar TV on YouTube is a focal point for the flagship men’s salon in Mejlgade.

Troldtekt, Slikhaar Studio hairdressing salon
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The interior design is inspired by the raw New York style. Graphic lamps, concrete floors and large windows ... On the ceilings, black-painted Troldtekt panels have been installed to provide an attractive contrast to the otherwise light surfaces, while the panels also reduce the reverberation time considerably in the otherwise raw space.

Acoustics are a very important factor for the hair studio, says salon manager Simone Fasdal: “The working environment has to be comfortable for the hairdressers, and customers need to walk away feeling positive about the experience, in which all the sensory impressions play a vital role.” Good lighting is also imperative for the modern hairdressing salon, as the hair dyes have to look right, and the overall atmosphere is also affected by the way in which the light and colours are dispersed.

More than just a hairdressing salon

The salon in Mejlgade was opened by two brothers, Emil and Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen, who run the popular YouTube channel Slikhaar TV as well as producing their own hair products. The hair studio is the focal point of the Slikhaar universe, which extends far beyond Aarhus thanks to all the YouTube followers.

Often, the videos are made in the salon, or the salon is used as a showroom for other products which are presented in the light and stylish premises. It is crucial that the lighting and acoustics are right for these sessions in Mejlgade when making new and inspirational videos about the latest hair products and styles.

Slikhaar Studio expects to open several more salons staffed by skilled hairdressers who can create the hairstyles from the TV channel and give customers a good experience.