Design studio fitted out with care

The architectural firm Sand & Lundgaard, based in Grindsted, has moved to more spacious premises, where they were able to influence the interior design, enabling them to showcase their approach to modern construction.

The studio is fitted out as a large open-plan room with workstations for all the employees so they can easily share information or ideas. Behind the door adjacent to this main room is a large meeting room. A more informal lounge or meeting area, a telephone room, dining kitchen and secondary room complete the layout.

Architect and co-owner Ole Sand Kristensen explains that the studio has moved into a former supermarket; the bright floor tiles are the only clue to this when visiting the premises, however! Troldtekt v-line with FUTURECEM has been chosen for the ceilings, strongly impacting the impression the space gives.

Acoustics are obviously important for the employees’ day-to-day work and successful meetings, of course. Troldtekt with FUTURECEM is also an environmentally conscious choice, as clay partially replaces cement, significantly reducing CO2 consumption. This variation of the Troldtekt panel is different in that the surface is warm and vibrant.

Long lines

The fact that the same type of ceiling is used throughout gives natural coherence and tranquility to the décor.

The v-line solution offers an enhanced sense of cohesion thanks to the continuous lines. Here, they have chosen to run the v-line across the room, while panel joints add lines along the depth of the room. Other simple features in the décor include wood cladding on selected walls, a beautiful colour of the end wall and a room-dividing multi-functional piece of furniture in the middle of the room. The overall impression is of a well-considered studio design, expressing a sense of aesthetics as well as offering everyday practicalities.

Sand & Lundgaard has many personal customers in Central Denmark, but also undertakes many other types of work. Whoever the customer, awareness of good acoustics is vital, as well as familiarity with new, sustainable materials, which the new interior design neatly signals.