A sense of history

Olav de Linde property development has just expanded its headquarters in the Frichsparken business park in Aarhus, formerly a site where locomotives and other iron structures were produced.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Olav de Linde has a lot of irons in the fire, and so more office space was needed in Aarhus. The project included modernisation of the whole office to include improved acoustics in the meeting rooms.

Troldtekt line design acoustic panels in varying pattens of horizontal grooves were chosen for a coherent ceiling and wall solution. The acoustic solution adds auditory and visual calm to the meeting room, while constituting an elegant upgrade of the room. As an additional refinement, a light source was added behind the panels to accentuate the fact that the Troldtekt panels are detached from the walls and stand out a piece of furniture in the room. Variations in the form of ‘interruptions’ to the otherwise continuous lines of Troldtekt line design panels are accentuated by luminaires parallel to the lines.

Classic Olav de Linde

Troldtekt acoustic panels were also used in all other office spaces and corridors, with luminaires built into the ceilings in a very well-designed way. The Troldtekt panels are a classic feature of Olav de Linde’s conversions of industrial buildings; in Frichsparken, they are detached from the walls and clearly serve as additions to the space.

Throughout the office you see numerous examples of the recycling of materials in the form of windows, sheets of iron, lamps and furniture. Wherever the original history of the building can be exposed or communicated, this has become part of the décor. The property development company is known for having a keen focus on durable, sustainable solutions, and also for its sense of curiosity about innovative ways of using materials.