A modern office building in a trendy neighbourhood

Prestigious advertising agency Jung von Matt has extended its headquarters in the Karolinenviertel area of Hamburg’s St. Pauli district by adding a new five-storey building.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in offices

The owner-managed advertising agency Jung von Matt now has 24 subsidiaries worldwide, but it was founded in Hamburg and has had its headquarters there since 1991 – centrally located on Glashüttenstraße in a trendy part of the city’s St. Pauli district. These headquarters, a complex of several buildings, were extended in 2021 with the addition of a modern new building.


Towering over a car park

In a project led by three architectural firms – Stephen Williams Associates, KKP Architekten and Anja Richter Modersitzki – a five-storey structure with an elegant brick façade and reflective glazing has been built over an existing car park. Blending discreetly into the surrounding historical architecture, the new building links the different floor levels of two adjacent units also belonging to the company via a central staircase.


A harmonious mix of glass, wood and exposed concrete

The interior workspaces and conference rooms are filled with light and laid out in an open and transparent design with glass used abundantly. With the furniture arranged informally and flexibly, there is plenty of space for creative work as well as for taking short breaks and sharing and discussing ideas. Light wooden floors and walls form an attractive contrast to the dark window frames and office furniture in the digital agency area. Meanwhile, in the JvM Academy, where young creatives undertake a one-year training programme to prepare for careers in concept design, bold colours take centre stage thanks to a work of art created by tape art artists Atau Hámos and Matheo Romahn that spans multiple rooms.

Columns, beams and the exposed concrete ceiling give the office an urban industrial feel. White acoustic panels from the Troldtekt® line design solution have been combined with the classic version of the acoustic panel in grey and natural wood, creating a balancing effect across all the spaces as well as helping to optimise the acoustics and adding the perfect finishing touch to the overall design.