Refined interior design in modern offices

Grønttorvet in Valby is a new, green district in Copenhagen, where Ingcon has moved into the top floor of the Magnolia Hus office building. These are modern, DGNB Gold-certified offices which Ingcon also helped to develop.

Superior acoustics in the workplace with Troldtekt acoustic ceilings

Magnolia Hus has a shared reception on the ground floor together with communal facilities such as conference rooms and a café. A sense of community is also important for Ingcon, where the working day starts with breakfast rolls. Along one facade is an open design studio area, which also has a couple of quiet rooms for discussions. Along the opposite facade, which overlooks the park Grønttorvet, is a larger meeting room and several offices. Additional meeting rooms, a kitchen and lounge areas are located in the middle of the building, close to the entrance.


The ceiling – a key detail

Ingcon has chosen muted colours and stylish furniture for their offices. Wood has been used for the floors, around the windows and in the kitchen, providing an attractive and textural contrast with the numerous glass surfaces. Also, one soon senses that nothing has been left to chance, which is also true of the ceiling. In addition to its effective acoustic properties, the ceiling also lends considerable aesthetic appeal to the space. The solution is a combination of Troldtekt design ceilings – white Troldtekt dots in the office and communal zones and Troldtekt line in black in the meeting rooms and offices. The switch between the two ceiling types is a simple way of marking the transition between the different functions and between the demarcated meeting rooms and the fluid office area.