House of Jacob Jensen

The House of Jacob Jensen is situated in a scenic landscape near the village of Hejlskov in Denmark. Here the diversity of nature has been Jacob’s and his son Timothy’s great source of inspiration. For this reason, it was only natural to build a house with room for the design collection, administration and meeting facilities close to the existing office.

Troldtek Jacob Jensen
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect MAA

An old barn was renovated and this is now an excellent setting for the impressive exhibition of the House of Jacob Jensen design. With an area of 800 sqm, its one large room which can be divided as required, embraces more than 50 years of design history, comprising 700 different objects which have all made Jacob Jensen Design the world famous company it is today.

The decoration of the building is also characterised by Jacob Jensen Design, including the kitchen, the archive system as well as the telephones, weather stations, vacuum cleaners, etc. The furnishing is minimalistic while a sense of calmness prevails. The dark stone floors match the white-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceiling. Timothy from Jacob Jensen says:

“We chose Troldtekt because of its acoustic properties which are particularly good for such a large house. From a historical point of view, you can almost say that it is a poetic reminder of the hay and bales of straw which were once stored here. Our world is made of real, good and simple solutions – and a good solution is often simple in its function and construction, just like Troldtekt!”