It's Google - it's unique

Google’s new European headquarters in Ireland is located in the docklands area of Dublin. It comprises four buildings providing 47,000 sqm of working area. The tallest of the buildings has 14 storeys and is also the highest commercial building in Dublin.

Troldtekt, Google HQ
Photo: Peter Würmli

The facility houses Google sales, marketing, and finance employees who come from 65 countries and speak over 45 languages.

The headquarters are designed to be a stimulating and interactive campus. It contains some of the most extraordinary interiors imaginable, with a plethora of shapes, spaces and colours quite unlike any other workplace.

The main area of each floor is the communication hub which is integrated among various functions depending on each floor – from open plan and flexible working spaces, to micro kitchens and informal meeting rooms, alternative working zones, game areas, cafés, gym and even a 25m indoor swimming pool. These spectacular hubs are created as unique highlights on each floor, bringing an exciting fresh quality to the working experience. The distinctive character of the individual floor theme is also reflected through various different materials, colours and shapes.

One interesting example of this theming is a particular room used for games and leisure. This colourful and stimulating interior has been given a Troldtekt ceiling, particularly chosen for its acoustic high performance in reducing continuous talking, echo and noise from its relaxing occupants.

Awaiting prestigious certifications

The Google Dublin Campus was designed by the Swiss architectural firm of Camenzind Evolution together with Irish architect Henry J. Lyons. For the Masterplan the architects had to find a smart solution for the nearly impossible – to create a stimulating and interactive campus within a bustling environment in the midst of the inner city. There are different themes for the floors, as well as for each office building, including spaces for 5 restaurants, 42 kitchen areas, game rooms, gyms, and over 400 meeting rooms.

The project is currently awaiting the prestigious LEED Gold and LEED Platinum certification. Obviously, Troldtekt helps by contributing points to this certification.