Graphic and harmonious interior

Urban and property developers 1927 Estate have constructed their own head office on Nordre Strandvej in Risskov near Aarhus, designed to blend in with the architecture of its city street setting.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, office buildings

1927 Estate has offices and meeting rooms on the first floor, while the ground floor is reserved for two restaurants, opening onto a small quadrant beyond the building. A gathering place on an otherwise densely built-up street. The facade cladding of strikingly slender bricks elegantly accentuates the horizontal architectural lines.

The décor is stylish with simple furnishings, striking a careful balance between raw, hard surfaces in natural concrete, and black and white walls. At the same time, emphasis has been placed on more graphic and organic styling with carpet tiles, curtains, texture and a sense of motion from the Troldtekt ceilings, as well as minor details where oak plays a major role.

The focus is on aesthetics as well as employee well-being and everyday practicalities. På hele etagen er der i Troldtekt line lofterne integreret Troldtekt ventilation, som fungerer ved diffus indblæsning gennem udvalgte plader. Man ser ikke armaturene, og man oplever ikke træk. The black, unbroken Troldtekt line ceilings emphasise the stylishly graphic décor, and enhance the ceiling’s cohesive look. The lines also neatly reference the horizontal lines of brick facade, drawing the outdoors into the building.


Lighting and textiles

The basement houses 1927 Estate’s spacious canteen and a number of meeting rooms with plenty of natural light from a skylight at ground level. Black Troldtekt line with diffuse ventilation has been installed throughout the basement. The décor of the basement is equally stylish and functional. Folding walls can be used to divide the canteen into two sections, creating large meeting spaces.

The lighting is an important element for the ambience of the spaces, as are the curtains that soften the hard concrete and glass surfaces. The meeting rooms have been named after Danish towns and cities, each room featuring its own town or city map on a sound-absorbing, soft felt panel. The names are of the towns and cities around Denmark where 1927 Estate has its offices.