A contemporary administrative space with an exclusive workplace design

The perfect balance of functionality and design has been achieved in the administrative area of a new EDEKA store thanks to the creative approach of both the architects and the client. Elegant acoustic solutions with distinctive aesthetic appeal add the finishing touch to the overall design concept.

The Ingolf Schubert EDEKA supermarket franchise was founded by Ingolf Schubert in 2005.

Since then, it has successfully expanded into six brick-and-mortar stores, including four in Waren (Müritz) and two in Rostock, as well as an online shop in both of these locations. The company's philosophy – which highlights the values of quality, service, freshness and diversity – is put into practice by all 310 of its employees in their dealings with customers, colleagues, trainees and essentially anyone they encounter.

Operating across around 7,612 square metres of sales space, their daily mission is to provide and serve customers with fresh, healthy and high-quality food, as well as offering them tailored advice.

In 2016, entrepreneur Ingolf Schubert opened another large store on Teterower Straße, boasting 1,500 square metres of retail space. Since late 2021, the floor above the store itself has been home to one of the most cutting-edge administrative set-ups in the Müritz region. The administrative offices have all been fitted with Troldtekt acoustic solutions, which further highlight the contemporary feel of the space.


Glass-panelled offices create transparency

The offices, along with conference and training rooms and a recreation and lounge area, are connected by a long hallway that gives off a feel-good vibe with its light-coloured floors and black Troldtekt acoustic ceiling. Since the spacious, light-filled rooms are separated from the hallway mainly by glazed facades and slatted panels, which offer great flexibility, the whole space feels open and transparent.

In the lounge, comfortable seating in EDEKA’s signature colours of yellow and blue invites people to stop and relax – as well as providing an effective contrast against the floor, walls and acoustic ceiling. The recreation area is designed in a similar fashion, offering employees a space to chat and take a break in a welcoming environment complete with high chairs and bar tables. The real eye-catcher here is the large EDEKA logo above the kitchenette, which looks particularly resplendent in its modern dark design.

This design concept continues through into the conference and training rooms, where light-coloured acoustic ceiling panels blend in perfectly with the white furniture and dark floor.