New trend-leading offices in Warsaw

Comfort, colour and quiet combined make great places in which to enjoy work.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in commercial properties
Photo: Photolicous Piotr Skorek

The new Cushman & Wakefield headquarters in Warsaw is one of the most modern offices in the EMEA region. In an original concept by Massive Design, The Warsaw Hub has been created in accordance with the requirements of the WELL certificate which aims to improve health and human experience through design. The result is a stunning workspace with attention to every detail and the highest quality of materials and equipment used throughout.

Part of the design is the interesting fact that these offices have been designed in the spirit of the so-called ‘Six Feet Office’ concept. This was conceived by the client - global real estate services firm Cushman and Wakefield. The aim is to help companies prepare for their return to the workplace with effective office design solutions, suitable for what is fast becoming known as the ‘new normal’ post the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new office boasts a unique design based on geometry and selection of high-quality materials. An integral part of this was the specification of Troldtekt’s ceiling and wall products. The wood wool panelling offers an aesthetic and natural finish to the ceilings with excellent acoustical properties.

In addition, the use of Troldtekt rhomb in the larger meeting rooms also adds to the geometric designs throughout. These are panels with milled grooves to create a scalable three-dimensional pattern by combining them in repetitive or random patterns. It forms part of the wider ‘Design Solutions’ range from Troldtekt.

Design Solutions is a nine-strong range of acoustic panels with different shapes and patterns contoured into the surface. Each features its own distinctive pattern and a unique style which, when coupled with colours, offers specifiers huge amounts of flexibility to realise their most creative projects.

The interior of the new office has been created for people and their modern workstyle and to foster creative innovations and collaboration. It is not only about centrally located, superb common zones - here with a beautiful view of the centre of Warsaw - but also smaller enclaves or rooms that can serve both individual working and group team projects. Automated room booking systems, motion sensors and room occupancy indicators not only make it easier to find free space but also help to ensure the safety of employees.

The meeting rooms in the employee-only section feature fit-out elements reflecting their nature-related names such as Spring, Summer, Volcano, Hurricane, and Forest. The design of the rooms in the client-dedicated section was inspired by Warsaw’s iconic landmarks selected by the employees during the project preparation.

A welcoming cafeteria, like the reception area, is an open and guest friendly multipurpose place. Here, you can have an open meeting with clients, colleagues and friends. This is a space for eating your cold meal, work with warm tea on a couch or have a quick discussion in a comfy chair or sofa. All the finishes were picked to create a cosy modern café or co-working atmosphere.

The reception area also features two large conference rooms which have folding walls between them. By connecting these spaces, about 200 people can be accommodated. Obviously, this type of function and this number of people requires great acoustic parameters.

“This is why we decided to specify one of the nicest solutions for the decorative ceiling and some walls - wood wool panels. Natural look, great acoustics and eco-friendly values are exactly what were needed in these offices,” says Massive Design director Konrad Dowejko.

Massive Design is an award-winning full-service corporate interior planning and design firm, with an unparalleled track record of successfully completed high profile interior fit-out projects.