Architects’ new drawing office

CEBRA has refurbished its own offices in Aarhus, and selected the design solution Troldtekt v-line. The variant they chose even has a lower carbon footprint than classic Troldtekt acoustic panels.

Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

CEBRA undertakes commissions worldwide within residential housing, urban development, education, business and culture. The drawing office has been involved in a string of high-profile projects, including the Nye residential development in northern Aarhus, Experimentarium in Copenhagen and the Al Hosn Masterplan in Abu Dhabi.

The drawing office occupies an old industrial building in central Aarhus which oozes charm and character. However, as the architects were in need of more of a multipurpose office environment, more meeting rooms were added as well as break-out zones and spaces for quiet concentration.

Calm surfaces with Troldtekt

In connection with the refurbishment, the architects chose Troldtekt’s latest design solution, Troldtekt v-line.

“We went for Troldtekt because of the acoustic properties, as the panels ensure a comfortable reverberation time in the different work zones, and because the longitudinal v-groove design goes well with the new interiors,” says Carsten Primdahl, one of the four partners at CEBRA.

Troldtekt v-line – in this case 1way in natural grey – has been installed on the ceilings and on selected wall surfaces.

“Troldtekt v-line has a refined and simple look. The panel joins are discreet, and the longitudinal lines create a coherent and calm surface,” says Carsten Primdahl.

The acoustic panels in CEBRA’s offices are based on the cement type FUTURECEM, which has an approximately 30 per cent lower carbon footprint than traditional cement. Troldtekt acoustic panels based on FUTURECEM have a carbon footprint over their entire product life cycle that is 26 per cent lower than that of Troldtekt based on grey cement.

“As consultants to the construction industry, we’re very aware of our duty to help reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. As a result, we’re keen to explore materials with a lower climate impact.” Both for projects we’re undertaking for clients, but also at our own offices,” says Carsten Primdahl.