AHTS Headquarters

Troldtekt, AHTS
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect MAA

The headquarters for AHTS (a Danish employers’ association), located next to the Paustian showroom in Kalkbrænderihavnen, is a distinguished continuation of the constructive principles that form the basis of the furniture showroom. The building is in the form of a simple wing, four storeys high and with a floor plan of 57 x 24 metres. The white building is relatively closed off to the east, but opens up towards the waterfront and the bordering marina. The building is set back from the quay and slightly elevated in relation to the terrain. A well-proportioned facade fronted by columns gives the building’s architectural expression an air of dignity. In 2002, a 3,600-square-metre annex was built in direct extension of the AHTS building.

The interior is a rectangular, covered atrium surrounded by balconies and offices on several levels. The reception area was decorated by Lin Utzon, who covered the entire wall with ceramic tiles that supplement the architecture beautifully.

The daylight in the atrium is extraordinary and stems primarily from ridge skylighting that extends the length of the building and the large glass facade on the west side of the building. The acoustics are dampened nicely as a result of the Troldtekt light/fine panels that have been integrated into the concrete elements in the ceilings and floor structures.