Activity centre for all kinds of activities and events

The Sønderparken housing estate in Fredericia, Denmark, has undergone extensive renovation, resulting in a more beautiful, safer and far more attractive neighbourhood. The residents have been heavily involved in the whole process, including the conceptualisation of a new activity centre.

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Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

In Fredericia, the Sønderparken social housing estate has been renovated as part of a large-scale master plan, which has involved a range of physical changes to the flat interiors as well as the exterior design. An ambitious landscaping plan by Kristine Jensen binds the whole area together and encourages communal activities.

The societal perspective has also played a role, and a strong focus has been on creating a positive social environment in Sønderparken. The work has involved many different professional and stakeholder groups. Sønderparken was nominated for the Danish Retrofit Award 2019, very much for its social efforts.

Sculptural activity centre

At the heart of the large Sønderparken estate sits the activity centre, as a giant sculpture protruding from the hillside. In designing the centre, Dorthe Mandrup has succeeded into turning the catalogue of ideas presented by the residents into a complex which supports a sense of community, while also attracting many local volunteers.

The centre extends over three floors, with the ground floor being taken up by the multi-purpose hall which connects directly to the forecourt, while mirroring the grass slope on the opposite side. The floors are openly connected to create a welcoming feel for all users.

Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceilings throughout ensure architectural coherence as well as superior acoustics, whether you are practising in the music room or meeting up with other member of the knitting club.

On the first floor is a café, where you can buy hot food for supper. The activity centre offers an array of functions and activities on a daily basis, but has also proved its worth hosting large-scale events for the residents of Sønderparken.