Innovative residential refurbishments

The upgrading and refurbishment of the entire Løvvangen estate in Nørresundby, near Aalborg in Denmark, is North Jutland’s biggest residential renovation project. Here, the monotonous architecture of 815 flats has been improved and given an inspiring new identity, while the area as a whole has been extensively regenerated.

Troldtekt, Løvvangen
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

The residents moving back have found it both exciting and almost hard to recognise their old homes.

The buildings have been given a new, well-insulated brick exterior and varied window designs that add depth to the facade. All the popular and well-used balconies have been extended and enclosed in glass, with their ceilings clad in Troldtekt acoustic panels, as are the soffits of the access walkways. The panels not only greatly improve the acoustics but, being a robust material, add a very attractive textured finish to the flats, while dark bricks enhance the overall architecture and appearance of the housing estate.

The green areas between the buildings have also being revamped, with new pathways laid. At the end of one path lies Løvvangen’s new communal building, Kvarterets Hus, which has been designed by Kærsgaard & Andersen A/S, the consultants in charge of the entire renovation project.

Kvarterets Hus, welfare facilities and a garage are situated around a courtyard area which is designed for communal activities. Its dynamic design houses a café, residential-social taskforce and other facilities. Unlike the residential buildings, Kvarterets Hus is clad in wood, which lends a completely different feel and separation from the rest of the development. Here, Troldtekt panels have also been specified for all the ceilings in the three buildings around this outdoor area, ensuring good acoustics, warmth and inviting interiors.