A sense of community for students

Student accommodation on Karen Blixens Boulevard in the Aarhus suburb of Gellerup.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in residential buildings
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

The new student flats have been built in an interesting location plot in the new Gellerup plan. The flats are sited at the highest point of the development, and offer outstanding views from the upper floors. Moreover, the building is surrounded by other prestige projects, for example Blixens, the municipal offices, which have come to symbolise the transformation of the Gellerup neighbourhood. The unique shopping centre Bazar Vest is also close by – it represents the existing environment, with all its dynamic diversity.

AARHUS Kollegiet is a typical contemporary residential building with its box-shaped structure. However, efforts have been made to create variation with slightly staggered facade sections and bricks in different hues that were specially developed for the project. The various blocks differ in height, but culminate in the south-west corner with a cuboid, seven-storey tower. Together, the individual blocks form a single residential block with two inner courtyards.

Lively residential block with room for privacy

Student accommodation should primarily provide a safe and affordable place to live for young students moving to the city. AARHUS Kollegiet is therefore organised into seven clusters which are designed to support a sense of community. The residential units each have their own balconies, but also generous communal facilities and comfortable lounge areas, where those living there can spend time together.

All the flats are equipped with kitchenettes and own bathroom/toilet. While the flats are relatively small, the communal areas are more roomy. There are well-equipped kitchen/living rooms, and the spacious, high-ceilinged lounge near the main entrance is able to accommodate larger events. In addition, there are rooftop terraces with views.

The communal areas vary considerably in size, and are largely dominated by hard surfaces such as raw concrete and glass. Therefore, it was necessary to incorporate effective sound dampening to reduce the reverberation time to a reasonable level. For this purpose, Troldtekt acoustic panels were installed on both ceilings and wall surfaces. This produces an aesthetic and coherent look in the communal areas, while also ensuring that the rooms can be used as intended – as places for social get-togethers and companionship.