High-ceilinged restaurant with calm surfaces

STUDIO, a restaurant situated in Paulas Passage in the Carlsberg City District of Copenhagen, has in the space of a very short time become a firm favourite with restaurant critics. The interior goes hand in hand with the high expectations.

STUDIO is a small restaurant with a simple floor plan, but the windows and mirrors give the space a light feel. On the end wall mirror, the artist Frederik Hesseldahl has reproduced a Carlsberg head of beer as a dynamic and decorative wave. 

The ceiling is almost 6 metres high, and large, fabric-covered pendant lamps add a sense of warmth. They reflect the Japanese inspiration which is beautifully mixed with the Nordic. At the entrance you are met by a round window in a large mirror, which creates a nice and welcoming feel. The cloakrooms are, naturally, also an experience in luxury.


Open kitchen

On the ceilings, black Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed to ensure the right sound absorption in the room, together with the long curtains. Both the Troldtekt ceiling, the dark floors and walls and the curtains create a calm and subdued ambience. Studio is an open-kitchen restaurant, which naturally gives the venue a dynamic feel. This also requires an aesthetically calm space, and the kitchen and bar are beautifully framed by tiled surfaces with a subtle interplay of colour.

The dark wood furniture is from MATER and beautifully matches the subdued – or luxury lounge – style, as the food critics describe it. The head chef Christoffer Sørensen was awarded a Michelin Young Chef Award 2021, so it’s no surprise that the critics are praising the restaurant to blazes.