A homage to things pure and simple

Restaurant MARK nurtures an appreciation of high-quality Danish raw ingredients, and its cuisine is served in inviting surroundings on Axeltorv in central Copenhagen in a building owned by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

Restaurant Mark is situated on a corner, and daylight is therefore an important part of its identity. The daylight infuses the materials with life as it changes in the course of the day, just as the choice of raw ingredients varies with the seasons. The flow through the restaurant is elegant, guided by discreet lines in the floor and ceiling surfaces combined with curved bar counters, bannisters around the stairs and the multiple-bowl vanity top in the toilets.

In addition to the restaurant, which is open all day, the venue has a flexible event space, which is more intimate in character. Like a ballet, the interior design comes across as being precise and aesthetically inviting, yet the redevelopment of the premises has taken several years and involved many choices along the way.

Dedicated servings

“Ripe fruit, fresh fish, clams and oysters harvested from the waters around us. Pork, poultry, dairy, handmade beer and gastronomy from far and near in Denmark. All the good things around us, and on which we have built our country,” is how Restaurant MARK describes its own cuisine.

The interior design supports the idea of honest materials and surfaces, and wood, brick, leather, ceramics and glass have been tastefully composed, with many handmade elements, such as the mouth-blown lamps. An exquisite variety of colours and textures create a narrative which nourishes the senses during dinner.

A recurring feature is the Troldtekt acoustic panels, which ensure good acoustics while also contributing to the design and several colour choices.

In the restaurant, Troldtekt line in natural wood has been installed, its long lines guiding guests into the restaurant, while also flushing with the lighting rail system. As a modern decorative element, Troldtekt acoustic panels have been chosen in a warm, dark colour to provide a smooth transition between the ceiling and the wall surface. Troldtekt line in black creates the perfect atmosphere in the extremely elegant toilets and the wine cellar on the lower floor.