Restaurant and brewery in stunning location

Surrounded by woodland and next to a river not far from Gothenburg, the restaurant Poppels Öl&Mat serves food and home-brewed beers.  Troldtekt ceilings have been chosen to ensure a pleasant atmosphere with superior acoustics.

Photo: BaraBild

A mere ten minutes away by car or train to the east of Gothenburg, you find Poppels Öl&Mat, a combined restaurant and bar with its own brewery. The restaurant serves food and home-brewed beer in scenic surroundings with woodlands on one side and a roaring river on the other. The eatery also welcomes hikers.

Poppels opened in early 2019 and is housed in part of the former factory building of Jonsereds Fabriker. Diners have direct views into the Poppels brewery – a small, local brewery that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Poppels’ organic beers have won several prestigious prizes.

Poppels Öl&Mat has seating for 75 diners and organises regular events such as guided tours of the brewery and beer and food tastings.

Light and industrial

The interior design of the restaurant has made a feature of the existing industrial installations, and a glass wall allows direct views of the brewery facilities. Wood is a recurring material, as cladding on the counter, on the walls and in the form of wooden furniture.

On the ceilings, classic white Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed. The panels go extremely well with the industrial feel, while also making the room lighter. Moreover, the acoustic panels help create a pleasant soundscape by dampening noise levels in the popular restaurant.