Timeless atmosphere

The French-inspired Brasserie Post is located in the old high-ceilinged post office at Østerbro in Copenhagen, which also houses the ENIGMA Museum.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, restaurants

The beautiful post office building on the Triangle, which dates back to 1922, sets the stage for an ambitious interior design that makes the absolute best of the historical architecture and aesthetics of the site. For the restaurant, owned by Meyers and run by Head Chef Dave Harrison, this was a complete success. The bar is situated in the middle of the 550 sqm premises, which have been split into several zones. This means that the restaurant can offer classic brasserie dishes for breakfast and more modern French country cuisine as part of its evening menu.

The interior design is well thought through, combining colours, materials, and textures that arouse the senses, while the style balances classic and contemporary. French wicker is a recurring theme in the furniture, matching the dark oak and textiles in dusty colours. The floors at the entrance are made from light natural stone, while the remainder of the flooring consists of natural planks running the length of the room below the large windows.

Promising reviews

Troldtekt line allows the ceiling to follow the direction of the floor planks, discreetly uniting the entire room through the uniform lines and soft beige colour. The colour of the ceiling panels is a custom colour selected specifically for this site. The colour creates a discreet coherence with the rest of the interior and the ceiling installations are all in the same colour. Troldtekt ensures excellent acoustics, which is crucial for a positive restaurant or bar experience.

One restaurant reviewer mentions that the acoustics are tip-top and acoustics are also highlighted as a parameter for their overall rating. Of course, the food and service also received rave reviews. The Troldtekt ceilings add a contemporary touch and contribute to achieving some Nordic warmth and charm. The interior design is airy and sophisticated, which helps create a special atmosphere of nostalgia and relaxation.