Modern French atmosphere

Bistro Le Bleu is right by the promenade along Basin 7 of the new Aarhus Ø docklands district. The bistro also offers outdoor service, with seating along the slightly offset facade.

The menu is pure classic French, and the colour scheme throughout Bistro Le Bleu's interior stays faithful to the establishment's eponymous blue, along with the many recognisable features of a typical French bistro. The restaurant is located in the Karéerne block, which is primarily residential, but with a ground floor set aside for establishments like Bistro Le Bleu. The premises have a high ceiling with large windows that look out onto the street life along Basin 7, which gives the interior space a very airy and light impression. To ensure the bistro's good acoustic qualities, black Troldtekt acoustic panels were chosen for the entire ceiling surface to camouflage the black-painted ventilation pipes and similar installations. Naturally, the loudspeakers play a selection of entirely French music.


Blue bistro

The bistro's interior is a long room with a bar in the middle, which has access to the kitchen behind. Most guests can sit along the glass facade, but there are also upholstered benches for larger groups along the back wall. The attractive tiles on the floor along the bar highlight the room's depth, while the rest of the floor is made of wood. Wood is a common thread throughout the space, with mostly dark wood types used to bring warmth and depth to the otherwise light room. The colours of the wood are beautifully complemented by the blue of the upholstered furniture. Shiny tiles on the wall behind the bar, a marble bar counter and mirrors also provide a fine contrast to the matte, dark wooden furniture. The chairs are classic Thonet armrest chairs, while the model chosen for the bar stools has a wicker back. The well-composed interior manages to be harmonious yet modern – pure classic bistro.