Architecture with integrated care

Near Tistrup in west Jutland, a very appealing care center with 24 residential units and communal facilities has been built. The building's long single storey, with discreetly integrated solar panels on the roof, is designed with well-proportioned facades and wide pastel coloured panels which look very attractive in the flat and wide-open landscape.

Troldtekt, Tirstrup Plejecenter
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

The interior has a very effective layout, with the residences grouped in three units around attractive common areas and with no long dull corridors. Here, residents and staff enjoy variegated 'streets' reminiscent of a small village, providing easy access to all the facilities.

Great effort has gone into making the facilities feel secure and uncomplicated. A homely atmosphere has also been created and residents clearly appreciate the gentle transitions between their rooms and the common areas. Glass walls ensure a high degree of transparency and openness with easy access to the outdoor patios and garden.

There has also been a conscious effort to create a noiseless environment. The floors in the common areas are covered with linoleum, which dampens the sound of footsteps and provides a perfect surface for wheelchairs, while the ceilings are lined with Troldtekt acoustic panels with ultrafine structure. Painted white, these create a visually soothing and cohesive surface throughout the care home. As a pleasant contrast, the large meeting room and dining room both have high ceilings but here light wood strips have been added on top of the black painted Troldtekt panels.

It is obvious that Tistrup Plejecenter has been created by architects who fully understand the desires and needs of the aged. This is a smoothly operating, attractive and very practical care home designed for the convenience of residents and staff alike.