Amazing acoustics in an exceptional event venue

The National Museum of Science and Technology is a science centre and the largest technical museum in Sweden. The intention is to allow children and adults alike to explore and discover how everything actually fits together - a fascinating journey from the earliest years of industry to the grandiose visions of the future.

Troldtekt Teknisk Museum Stockholm
Photo: Thorn Creative Agency

Located on Gärdet in Stockholm, the National Museum of Science and Technology was established as early as 1923 and became a foundation in 1948. The museum is an extremely popular attraction, with visitor numbers in 2018 totalling fully 323,399.

Remodelling of the large event hall

Covering 273 sqm, the museum’s biggest event hall is “Eventrummet”, which is located in the old listed building from 1881 that was originally used as the stable block. Among the legacies from that time are the solid wood pillars that can be seen in both the restaurant and Eventrummet itself.

When this spacious event area was remodelled in 2016, the original pillar structure was left in place and the concrete floor was treated with environmentally friendly oils. Otherwise, everything else was changed in the giant room with its wonderfully high ceiling.

Exciting design and considerate material selection bind past and future together. Plant walls filter the air, while from the ceiling hang lamps of the same kind as those that illuminated Stockholm’s nightlife more than a century ago – although the light is now provided by LED bulbs rather than gas. The room is framed by a range of unique objects.

Top class acoustics

The large Eventrummet hall at the National Museum of Science and Technology has all the design details and eye-catching features needed to make any visit aesthetically memorable. However, with the grand, open plan solutions, high ceilings and, in particular, large numbers of people present at the same time, there are a number of challenges to tackle in maintaining a pleasant environment.

The acoustics constitute one such challenge, and it was decided to install Troldtekt acoustic panels that meet the stringent requirements on noise reduction and allow visitors to experience a perfect event environment.