Gubsø Classic Car Garage

The story of Gubsø Classic Car Garage is a bit like the one about the bumblebee that can’t really fly, but just does it anyway. And in a similar way, this project facilitates and creates a hotspot for vintage cars just west of Silkeborg, Denmark. Here, car enthusiast Marc Vogel has built a specialised classic car workshop and museum for one of Europe’s finest Bugatti collections.

Photo: Thomas Mølvig, arkitekt

The finest examples of noble motor engineering and car design are on display in the small town of Gubsø, Denmark. And not only are the cars on display, they have been restored and also manufactured from scratch in the integrated workshops. All gathered together in five stunning elongated buildings that blend perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

In 2016, businessman Marc Vogel and his brother Patrick sold their tobacco business – V2 Tobacco – at a profit of DKK 600 million. Marc Vogel has always been a car enthusiast and purchased his first Porsche at the age of 17. Now he has realised his dream of an active place where the focus is on beautiful cars and on the refined craftsmanship that underlies their design.

With inspiration from the Bugatti factory

Bugatti’s production plant was originally located in Alsace, France. Here they built the most distinguished – and most expensive – cars of the time. Inspiration for Gubsø Classic Car Garage’s design came from the original Bugatti plant buildings. It has been done with exquisite attention to unity and detail. Rough masonry, large exposed lattice rafters, oak gates and burnished brass fittings. Even the lamps, workbenches and shelving are specially designed.

A beautiful space in every respect, both inside and out. To the south is the large hall that houses the exhibition and the workshops. To the north are the administration area, conference facilities and a stylish restaurant overlooking the fields.

The ceilings throughout are clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels. The acoustic panels form an elegant and discreet background for the immense wooden rafters with black tie beams in steel. Troldtekt also enhances the working environment in the workshops, where the cultured running of engines and tools supply the sounds.