A stage for science

Following extensive renovation and extension work, Experimentarium on Tuborg Havnevej in Copenhagen has reopened with 16 interactive exhibitions and new architecture that is directly inspired by the natural sciences and technology.

Troldtekt, Experimentarium
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect & Adam Mørk

The new Experimentarium is full of contrasts. The former tapping halls at the old Tuborg brewery house the science centre, and the original red brickwork is still evident, beautifully contrasting with the new floors which, on the façade, are clad in aluminium with perforations to create patterns inspired by wave movements through liquids and wind flows.

The bold and extrovert building arouses your curiosity, even more so once you step inside. A central double stairway, called the Helix stairs, which is shaped like the strands in a DNA molecule and clad in copper, invites visitors up through the building to discover all the activities, and perhaps even all those right at the top. This level can also be accessed using the second main stairway in the building, the Vector stairs, which is the mathematical expression for a straight line.


There are 11,500 square metres of space designated for the public, and Experimentarium is expected to welcome 500,000 visitors in 2017, its opening year.

Like in a theatre, a large backstage area has therefore been created with a canteen, changing rooms, workshops, creative workshops and offices, etc. The Experimentarium employs a  total of 200 people! For many of these facilities, which are situated for example in the tapping halls, it was decided to use Troldtekt panels, primarily to create good acoustics.

The industrial, raw environment contrasts with the new copper, aluminium and glass elements, yet is aligned with the creative spirit of Experimentarium’s staff. Troldtekt has also been used in the public cloakrooms, the shop and for the walkways around the roof terrace. On the large surfaces, where a calm surface is needed to dampen the acoustics.

CEBRA explains: “We chose Troldtekt as the structure of the panels matches the raw feel we wanted, and because the system is removable and is discreetly suspended from the ceiling. At the same time it fulfils all the acoustic requirements.”