Security and adventure

The daycare institution is straight at one end, and then curves almost fully around. The entrance is located in the enclosed courtyard, while the group rooms and cloakrooms face the large playground surrounding the building.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, kindergartens
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

There has long been an increasing need for daycare places in Havndrup, between Roskilde and Køge, and this has led to the construction of the new Eventyrhaven daycare institution. The opportunity to establish a brand-new daycare centre gave rise to a wide range of interior design wishes. The architects at NOVA5 have managed to bring together all the functions in a curved building, where children can experience a safe environment in which they have the opportunity to freely play and express their creativity.

The group rooms are arranged side by side, facing the playground, along a curved passageway without doors. The group rooms open out towards the playground with large windows and a sloped ceiling. The passageway feels like a single space that connects the large institution together. The passageway is quite varied, with niches and openings for cloakrooms and common rooms.

Open rooms with good acoustics

Eventyrhaven’s many common rooms face the courtyard, and provide a glimpse of the institution’s many possibilities for creative activity. There is a special area for learning about science and nature, and another space is dedicated to creative productions. ‘Salen’, which offers play and theatre opportunities, can be opened up to a common room, so that the children can present performances.

Some common rooms are open to the passageway, while others have glass walls that offer views of the activities happening inside. The glass walls also make the spaces feel connected together. This effect is amplified by having Troldtekt acoustic ceilings on both sides of the glass walls.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed on all ceilings in Eventyrhaven, providing architectural cohesion and texture that underscores the calm and secure atmosphere of the building.